Halfords - Treated like a brainless ***!

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I took my sons bike in for a repair on a sunday being a quiet day for shopping which we were told would be ready by the following wednesday,the assistant took my mobile phone no.where upon he said "will phone you as soon as the bike is ready" well wednesday came and went nothing was heard from HALFORDS, So on the saturday went down to the shop in welwyn garden city to see what was happening with the repair which i was told was only a matter of getting the part and tightening a nut up,(easy peasy) so you would think!(the repair was replacing a crank on a bicycle) the assistant said the reason the bike was not ready was they never had the part in stock and was trying to get the part from another branch(stevenage)which was not open due to there shutter not working but he said he would get the part later that day(stevenage apprently had two in stock).And that he would phone me to come and get the bike by sunday.Well to date have not heard from HALFORDS to this date 02/10/08 So today they are going to get a phone call from followed by a ROCKET UP THE *** if they do,nt do something about it.So HALFORDS SORT YOURSELF OUT WE ARE NOT BRAINLESS IDIOTS.

Halfords anti-consumer welfare

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I recently bought 2xsat nav from Halfords in Birmingham Selly Oak branch, following the xmas break they went down in price considerably, Halfords refused to discuss a refund on one or both of the products, going through to their `Consumer Service` dept they were unbelievably unhelpful, the first telephonist told me he had been analyzing similar situations to mine for years and it was store policy that held sway, when I asked to speak to his manager he told me that she would give me the same response,

I asked if that was a collective analysis that was operating. In short Halfords seem not to understand that as customers recognize that there is no good will at a time of good will, customers will become very `pissed off` and exercise their discretion another term not understood by Halfords and make all their future purchases elsewhere, hello Currys!

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